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Four Stroke Series High Power

The Remarkable, Revolutionary Yamaha F225 V6 Four StrokeRange. Power. Heart-in-your-throat acceleration. This is the outboard that redefined four stroke outboard performance. The first to meld the four stroke’s clean, quiet, fuel-efficient attributes with the unmitigated muscle of a V6. Engineered specifically for marine use, it is exceedingly lightweight, compact and smooth running.

To create an engine that would perform flawlessly on today’s demanding V6-powered boats, we collaborated with boat builders and dealers to determine the optimal shape, weight distribution and rigging specs.

  • Ram Charged Manifold Fuel Injection is another Yamaha exclusive. Each cylinder is fed by its own individual intake track. Pulsating pressure “rams” the air/fuel mixture into each cylinder, significantly increasing power and fuel efficiency.

  • Sleek new 60° V-block with a space-saving in-bank exhaust design.
  • 24-valve Double Overhead Cam delivers incredible torque and high-end horsepower, yet it’s stingy with your fuel.
  • Unique Labyrinth Exhaust design makes your V6 so quiet at idle and trolling speeds, it virtually whispers through the water.
  • So clean burning it exceeds the Federal EPA emission requirements and carries a CARB three-star rating for very low emissions.
  • The Yamaha V6 Four Stroke. The dawn of a new day in outboard power.

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